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Mum of two Nova talks to us about hypnotherapy and how it can help with PND and anxiety

​      ​
My name is Nova Lewis DHP, LAPHP, NCP from Essex-Hypnosis I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist / psychotherapist Psychosexual Dysfunction Specialist
Advanced WSN counselling and coaching therapist BWRT
Relationship counsellor

Firstly i would like to say as a mum of Two that i have previously suffered with PND, Anxiety, and Depression. I battled for years to try and remove the dark cloud that just hung over me every day. My life changed when i finally saw a hypnotherapist myself. Hypnotherapy relieved my mental pain, it enabled me to follow my own path into hypnotherapy. I have never looked back, and i now enjoy helping others overcome sometimes a life long battle.
What to look for when someone is suffering in silence
Going back to myself and my own struggles i have to say that it took some time to finally admit to those around me that i was suffering. It was a silent path of wishing i was somewhere else, even to the point of wishing i was a cartoon character, because then the life i was living wouldn't be real. So what do we look for:
The person that finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning
The person that does not take care of their general hygiene, i.e. washing, cleaning teeth The person that always seems to be upset and unhappy
The person who has low self worth, and negative belief
The person feeling lethargic most of the time, or all the time

These are just a few of the things to look out for, but until the person suffering admits to themselves, and those around them that there is an issue, then there is no moving forwards.

Many studies have shown that neatly 90% of the population is capable of being hypnotised

Whst is hypnotherapy
​Hypnotherapy involves achieving a psychological state of awareness that is different from the ordinary state of consciousness. While in a hypnotic state a variety of phenomena can occur. These phenomena include alterations in memory, heightened susceptibility to suggestion, paralysis, sweating, and blushing. All of these changes can be produced or removed in the hypnotic state. Many studies have shown that roughly 90% of the population is capable of being hypnotised. Hypnosis can be achieved by relaxing your body, focusing on your breathing, and shifting attention away from the outside world. In this state, you have a heightened receptivity to suggestion. The usual procedure for inducing a hypnotic trance in another person is by a direct command repeated in a soothing voice.
Suggestion Therapy
This form of treatment is ideal for helping to cope with such things as anxiety

​Analytical Therapy
This is used for the more deep-rooted problems. The technique aims to find and remove the underlying original cause of such things as anxiety and PND where there is a psychological factor at work.

How does hypnotherapy feel

Clients can feel anxious even at the thought of having hypnotherapy, but once they have experienced their first session they are raring to go.
The client sits in my therapist chair, then i ask them to take a few deep breaths, and listen to the sound of my voice. From then on it is a calming, and relaxing experience.
The client may experience a very light feeling, some clients say they feel heavy, i have had clients say that although they were completely relaxed they felt as though they couldn't move certain limbs. Some clients feel nothing at all. But what they all say is that hypnotherapy is very, very relaxing, like a type of relaxation they have never experienced before.
Hypnotherapy is like the moment right before you fall asleep. The client is totally in control of themselves. If the client is unhappy for any reason they can open their eyes if they wish to at any point.

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy 

Firstly hypnotherapy is a tool that can make wonderful changes in your life It is fantastic for de-stressing
Your pulse becomes slower
Your blood pressure comes down
Every thought you have has a physical reaction in your body, you can use your mind to heal yourself.
​      ​

BWRT: Brainworking Recursive Therapy. This is a new model of psychology and psychopathology, it was created by my mentor Terence Watts in 2011. It is solution focussed and evidence based, This therapy brings new and amazing results to clients in less time than regular hypnotherapy.
In March 2015, BWRT was given permission by the UK Secretary of State to use the designation 'Institute' as a result of the research and scientific base of the BWRT® process. In September 2016, by agreement with Companies House, the Institute was renamed as The British BrainWorking Research Society again as a result of the amount of research carried out, and support from, among others, the NHS. Because of this, the Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy was founded in order to continue to teach the process. Hypnotherapy, adds the NCH, can effectively lower the incidences of postnatal depression and in the UK, hypnosis is increasingly being used to reduce the risk of postnatal depression.
WSN: This very powerful therapy again created by my mentor Terence Watts focusses on the clients personality type. WSN allows the client to find and release strengths and resources they never knew they had to enable them to find a life suitable for them just by using their own personality. By doing this the client is enabled to look deep within themselves and find a powerful resource to overcome Anxiety, and PND.

How can hypnotherapy help you with anxiety & PND​​​​

The National Council for Hypnotherapy says postnatal depression is essentially another form of clinical depression, this time brought on by having a new baby. And this is caused by undue feelings of stress and anxiety.
A major part of my work as a hypnotherapist is helping the client cope with a variety of stresses and anxieties, as a therapist i can assess each individual’s stress and anxiety.
I identify the root of the anxiety and, after establishing the client’s goal as to how they would like to feel, i then work with my client to reach that goal using a range of different techniques.
It has been shown that hypnotherapy treatment eliminates the negative messages about birth and these messages often come through stories in the media or on television.
Women are conditioned to believe that birth is perilous and fraught with danger and it is this expectation of fear that creates the tension. But hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level, changing instinctive perceptions of birth so that it is seen as a positive experience, making mothers aware of how they can be in control and be free of fear for a different birthing experience. Hypnobirthing, or hypnotherapy for childbirth, can help overcome fear and anxiety around conception, parenting, the birth and other postnatal events. It can reduce stress and anxiety not just for the parent, but also for the baby, it can also boost the confidence of the parent, which gives the parent a feeling of control..
“Hypnosis works at a subconscious level, changing instinctive perceptions of birth so that it is seen as a positive experience, enabling birthing mothers to trust their body. It also makes mothers aware of how they can be in control and manage their environment, keeping it free of threats.”
Hypnotherapy is not the only form of therapy i use to combat PND or anxiety, but i may also use the following therapies to help my clients.
Advice from Nova
Before considering booking an appointment you must make sure to check the therapist’s credentials. I am registered with The association for professional hypnosis and psychotherapy.
The national register of psychotherapists & counsellors.
Hypnotherapy Directory.
WSN counselling and coaching.
The other thing i would suggest is that your therapist is fully insured.
How can Nova help you with hypnotherapy
Well firstly, i would ask my client to come in for a chat, a bit of a get to know you session, this puts the client at ease as they become familiar with me (the therapist), familiar with the surroundings of where we will be working together, and it helps to build rapport, so that the client is more relaxed come the second appointment.

For further details telephone : 07393 200 819 or click on the links below
Email Nova