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Take a step outside

Outdoor Parenting

I am sure mums of all age children will agree that although daunting at first, outdoor parenting is actually easier than being stuck indoors.

Being outside doesn't mean fancy theme parks or expensive farms or zoos, it can be as simple as walking to the local park or field or putting your new baby in the pram and walking round the block.

I know with my little boy from an early age I have seen the benefits of fresh air to both of us, mentally and physically and i cannot recommend it enough.  

With so much on our doorsteps I think sometimes we overlook the obvious free locations and activities we could partake in to keep our children entertained and give ourselves a bit of a break.  No matter the weather get outside, leave the washing and ironing for a few minutes and get some fresh air.

Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.

Why go outside:

It’s amazing how fresh air can blow away the cobwebs and make a world of difference to how you feel as well – especially on days when you haven’t had much sleep or your child is feeling a bit grumpy or grizzly at home.

For Mum & baby

  1. Fresh air is good for digestion.
  2. Improves your blood pressure and heart rate.
  3. It makes you happier.
  4. Strengthens your immune system.
  5. Fresh air cleans your lungs.
  6. You will have more energy and sharper mind.
A bucket of water & large paintbrush
Kids love this activity and it can keep them busy for hours – plus there’s no real cleaning up like there is with real paints.
Colour charts & woodland walks
 Grab some free paint colour charts from your local DIY store and head to the woods – you can then hunt with your little one to see how many natural objects you can find that match the colours on the chart. You might even get really creative and make some ground art with your findings!
Lauren Ramsay, mum of 3 & 
founder of Billericay Forest School
Tin foil in the rain
Lauren founded her first Forest School to offer a
nurturing and creative learning experience in a natural
environment.  Here she gives us a few quick and easy
suggestions on how to entertain children outside with
little planning/preparation.

​About Lauren
"I have been running Billericay Forest School since
March of this year having made the huge decision to
leave teaching in 2016. I adore teaching but the current
obsession with testing along with the inappropriate
curriculum being imposed upon our youngest learners
has meant that I can no longer remain in the profession.

Becoming a qualified Forest School leader and starting
my own business has allowed me to continue to work
with children, which is my absolute passion, and focus on
supporting them in their personal, social and emotional

As we live in a time when so much of our children’s time is spent in classrooms at a desk or indoors plugged into some sort of technology it is wonderful to have a role in encouraging children to get outside, engage with nature and develop their play skills. The power of the outdoors, especially woodlands, is a magical thing and research now shows the significant impact it can have on our wellbeing and mental health."
Stick your waterproofs on, grab some tin foil and head outside – the sound of rain drops on tin foil is really pretty and children love running around to find spots where the rain drops fall harder (under trees is often fun) - from experience this often leads to singing in the rain! 
Nature Crowns & Bracelets
Loosely wrap some masking tape around your child’s wrist or a simple crown made from a strip of paper (sticky side out) and then go for a walk and encourage your child to collect some items and stick them on - feathers, sticks, flowers, bark and moss all work well.

Billericay Forest School Facebook Link
Emily Norris, busy mum of 3 &
full time Mum Vlogger
Here are a small selection of Youtube Videos where Emily talks about parenting outside and the advantages for both her and her three boys, Fraser, Caleb and baby Jackson.