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Talking out about PND

Rebecca is availalable for public events to talk
about her experience of PND,
getting the diagnosis through to where she is
today.  Sharing this has already been helpful to
many men and women.  There is a phrase "a problem
shared is a problem halved". Talking about mental health
not only raises awareness it also helps to break down the
stigmas associated with the diagnonis of any mental
health illness.

Recent feedback

  1. MC
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for taking part today, it was lovely to meet you and hear what you’ve been through. Your presentation and delivery was fantastic. I don’t have children myself so can’t imagine what you went through…. I am glad you that you have come out the other side and doing so well. Anytime you fancy a coffee, let me know. Take care and well done again.
  2. OV
    I just heard you speak on the 16th floor – I wanted to say you were brilliant – I had to run off back to work so didn’t get a chance to catch you in person, but I found your testimony very clear, very moving – I have a friend going through PND at the moment so I found this particularly helpful. And completely agree that men need to be made more aware!!
  3. MH
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your open and honest presentation this afternoon – I can imagine it is extremely hard to stand up in front of people and talk openly about your experiences. I found it extremely helpful and thought provoking and you should feel immensely proud of what you have achieved
  4. NN
    Well done – very brave of you to share your experience. Extremely thought provoking.
  5. DS
    Thank you for the bravery it must have taken to stand up in front of a room of strangers and share your story so honestly.
  6. TS
    Well done for doing it and speaking out. You are an example to us all.
  7. AA
    What an amazing job you did, absolutely brilliant
  8. AL
    Everyone was talking afterwards about how amazing you were. Well done, you should feel very proud of yourself
  9. CB
    Massive thanks to Rebecca, your story was overwhelming but truly inspirational and we are extremely proud of you!!

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