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Specialist Services
Your Midwife/Health Visitor or GP may feel that you require extra mental health support following the birth of your baby or during their first year. They may recommend one of the following services.
Perinatal Mental Health Services

Perinatal mental health problems are those which occur during pregnancy or in the first year following the birth of a child. Perinatal mental illness affects up to 20% of women, and covers a wide range of conditions.
Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) and Crisis Teams

Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) support people living in the community who have complex or serious mental health problems. Different mental health professionals work in a CMHT.
Different mental health professionals work in a CMHT. These professionals are from health and social care backgrounds.
These can include psychiatrists, psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists.
They work with you to help you improve your mental health.
You might get help from the team as a whole, or from just one or two professionals.
You usually get referred to the CMHT by your GP.

Hospitals and Mother & Baby Units (MBUs)

Mother and Baby Units exist to provide specialist care and treatment for mothers with their babies when they are suffering with mental illness. These units provide inpatient assessment and treatment for mothers and babies, enabling mothers to receive treatment they need without separating them from their new babies. This helps support attachment and vital bonding, as well as ensuring unwell mothers are fully supported.

Rainbow Mother & Baby Unit, Chelmsford
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