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Thank You's & Acknowledgements
there really can be a silver lining

A final word (or two) from Rebecca, our Founder

I genuinely believe I am a better person for my PND and anxiety diagnosis.  I have learnt that I am not invinceable, I have a breaking point.  I have learnt to say no and not to try and take on the world.  I have learnt to take better care of mself and slow down (when i need to).  And I now know I am not alone.

I wouldn't have got better as quickly as I did without the love and support from my family, my boyfriend and my friends.  Zachary and I will be eternally grateful for everything they did, and of course the staff at the Rainbow Mother & Baby Unit.

Amazingly even now I am better and embracing my role as a working mum of a toddler I am making new friends and allegencies because of PND and anxiety.  This list will ever increase as I continue to tell my story.

Thank you to everyone below... you are helping to stamp out the stigma of mental health and are letting people know
You are not alone
  1. Daniel Groom
    Daniel Groom
    For his amazing contribution to the site talking about yoga, mindfulness & relaxation.
  2. Citigroup
    For supporting my return to work and giving me a platform to speak to colleagues about my experience
  3. ECouriers
    For sending gifts to the Rainbow Mother and Baby Unit free of charge.
  4. Mum Mentor
    Mum Mentor
    For her wonderful contribution to the site about nutrition and hydration and the impact these have on depression, PND and anxiety.
  1. PND & Me
    PND & Me
    For the motivating and encouraging messages while I set up the website and for organising #PNDhour an amazing resource for sufferers and their families
  2. Laura Haldane
    Laura Haldane
    For taking the time to write an informed and educational article about the effects of exercise on PND.
  3. Lotus Petal
    Lotus Petal
    For the inspiration to set up the website and go out there and use my experience to help others.
  4. Mother Hub
    Mother Hub
    For their belief in the website and help to give Your Song a platform so that I can help others get the right support/resources and treatment quickly.
  1. The Wharf
    The Wharf