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My Song on film

As part of a new campaign at the investment bank I work at I was asked to pilot a new video series that went out globally to all employees.  The concept was to share stories about mental health illnesses to help them become much more talked about, supported and understood.  I was privilaged to get this opportunity and am so greatful to the team and my employees for giving me this platform.
It's just under four minutes long so it won't take too much time to watch.
film to follow shortly

Feedback from the video

This video was launched to my colleagues on Monday 8th May as part of their UK Mental Health Awareness Week called Minds @ Citi.  Here is a small selection of the amazing support and feedback I recieved. 
This is why talking and sharing our experiences is so important.




We haven’t personally met, yet I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your story. It was very touching and real to have a women speaking openly about a difficult moment. Your story is much appreciated, on behalf of many of us.
Amazing.   Very brave of you. 
Hi Becky, your video is incredible.  Thank you for sharing your story – it will undoubtedly help many others.
Best wishes,


Love the video.  I could relate to it. 




Thank you for doing this, I think it is not only very brave but also very generous
Thank you again
Just watched the video.... 
Well done you!     You’re an inspiration. 
So glad to know you have been able to get the support needed to bring you back to you!    
Rebecca…..good on you for doing this video…….and I am sure your inspiration will be helpful to others




Wow what a powerful video!
Well done you Beccy.
Well done you!
Just watched this and had tears in my eyes. Wish I had your kind of support when I lost one of my twins – I was a mess
This video is really fantastic, thank you for sharing your story.  It’s a pleasure working with you .
  By fighting to be heard, getting the right medication, with time, support and the love of my family and friends I got better and I am doing what I always dreamed of.  I am being a mum.

This video is proof.  I am proof. 
You will beat your mental health illness.
My Song