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Why I talk about PND

Unfortunately PND is still a taboo subject, it still is seen as something to be embarassed about. 

Well why shouldn't I?

If I had broken my leg you would ask me about it and I would tell you.  So why should it be any different because it was my brain that wasn't working how it should?

It is my belief that no parent should miss out on the amazing and life changing experience of having a baby because of mental health illness.  That means everything that comes with mental health illness ; anxiety, depression, loneliness, guilt, irritability, OCD, sadness, agoraphobia,  lack of self worth, self doubt, self harming, dependencies ; medication, drugs, alcohol, suicide, abandonment etc.

By talking about my experience and sharing the knowledge I have gained I want to be part of the movement that crushes the stigmas associated with mental health and make sure everyone knows the treatments, support and resources that are there for them already they just don't know about them.

I am not embarrassed that I was diagnosed with PND and that I suffer from anxiety.  I am proud of what I have been through and what I am doing because of my experience to help others.  I want to shout about it and share My Song.

My advice to you today would be:
STOP what you are doing... put that phone down, look up from that website
LOOK at how you friends/family and colleagues are behaving
LISTEN to what they are saying

If we work together, help each other and support one another we can make a huge difference.
Please start TALKING to each other, its ok to not be ok.

My Song